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Boys ' ski helmet with built-in goggles . This is an essential attribute for lovers of winter activities on the slope. It guarantees safety and reduces the risk of head injury during a fall.

We made the ski helmet using the InMould construction, in which both layers - the shock-resistant PC shell and EPS foam - are tightly connected to each other. This makes the helmet very light and at the same time highly resistant to damage and scratches.

The helmet also has integrated goggles with an S2 filter, which is designed for riding in partly cloudy conditions.

Correct positioning of the helmet is crucial, so using the adjustment system you can easily adjust the width of the helmet to your head. The soft lining can be easily removed and washed.

We also equipped the helmet with an adjustable strap with a chin protector and a ventilation system that ensures variable air circulation inside the helmet.

Boys' ski helmet with goggles - FEATURES:

3/4 type helmet,

matte surface,

soft, detachable earmuffs,

removable and washable lining,

lightweight InMould construction perfectly combines durability with high resistance to damage and scratches,

variable ventilation improves thermoregulation inside the helmet,

circumference adjustment using a special knob on the back of the helmet allows for individual adjustment,

goggle attachment system at the back with snap closure,

adjustable strap with buckle and chin protection,

built-in goggles (cat. 2) with multi-colored Gradient Color Coating provide additional sun protection by reducing the amount of light transmitted to the eyes,

helmet compliant with the European Standard for personal protective equipment,

helmet use instructions.


Construction: InMould

Weight: 480g (+/- 50g)

Outer/inner shell: PC/EPS

Lining: 100% polyester (breathable)

Built-in goggles: lens (cat. 2) designed for riding in partly cloudy conditions (light transmittance: 18-43%)

Main material: Polycarbonate 100%
Season : Autumn-Winter 2023
Discipline : skiing
Helmet features : integrated goggles, ventilation holes
Product code : 4FJRAW23AHELM041-21S