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Men's mirror-coated ski goggles are a must-have for the slopes this winter. They are designed to protect your eyes from sun, glare, snow, wind and rain. The S2 filter lens makes them ideal for sunny and slightly cloudy days.

Equipped with a durable polycarbonate cylindrical lens with UV400 filter and mirror coating. The mirror coating protects against harmful UV and infrared IR radiation. It minimises glare and reflects the sun's rays to keep you comfortable during your winter activities.

The goggles have a comfortable, adjustable strap to match your helmet. On the inside of the strap is a non-slip silicone element to keep the goggles in place. The soft, triple-layered foam ensures the goggles sit comfortably on the face and provide a tight shield against wind and snow.

To improve your vision, the goggle has a ventilation system in the frame that works with the anti-fog technology to reduce lens fogging and ensure proper air circulation. The anti-scratch coating protects the lens from scratches. The size of the goggles also allows them to be used with prescription glasses.

Men's mirror-coated ski goggles - FEATURES:

for skiers and snowboarders on sunny and slightly cloudy days (filter: S2 / light transmission: 18-43%),
full UV400 filter protects against ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB, UVC),
mirror coating provides additional sun protection by reducing the amount of light transmitted to the eyes,
Anti-fog coating reduces lens fogging during temperature changes,
cylindrical dual lenses provide adequate contrast and field of vision and reduce fogging,
elasticized strap with adjustable length for a comfortable fit,
triple layer velour foam on the inside of the goggle adapts to the contours of the face and provides a tight seal against wind and snow,
vents in the frame, covered with a thin layer of padding, allow air to circulate between the goggle and your face,
easy-to-clean lenses in durable polycarbonate offer lightweight and damage resistance,
thermoplastic polyurethane frame for weather resistance
Anti-scratch coating protects lenses from scratches,
goggles comply with the European Standard for Personal Protective Equipment.

Main fabric: Thermoplastic polyurethane 100%