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A boy's backpack is a light and functional form of luggage that you can always have with you. It's perfect for storing A4 items or other accessories that don't fit in smaller pouches. Perfect for storing your gym clothes, an extra pair of shoes or other everyday items.

Double straps act as a drawstring that closes the backpack and protects its contents. A backpack bag is a practical solution that will work well in everyday situations, allowing you to easily store and organize necessary things.

The backpack-sack is made of synthetic material with a smooth surface, which ensures durability and is easy to care for.

A hydrophobic impregnation coating covers the outer layer of the material and protects it against water absorption. The coating causes moisture to condense on the surface of the fabric and then flow freely down it.

The back bag has string straps that act as a drawstring. Additional zippered pocket for small items. The backpack has a comfortable handle to carry in your hand.

Sack type backpack - FEATURES:
size range: universal (one-size)

dimensions: 33 x 42 cm (width x height)

capacity: approx. 6 L

made of synthetic material, which ensures durability and is easy to care for

suspenders acting as a drawstring

internal, zippered pocket for small items

carrying handle in hand

hydrophobic impregnation of the material slows down the absorption of moisture